ArtistaX – An Introduction

The magnificent colors, the expression, the visual stories. This is why we enjoy the arts. Some use it to escape their reality, such as in books and animations, while others use it to as an outward expression of their world – to show others the reality we live in. This website is intended to showcase such art, art that can help us escape or art that can help us speak. However, it will be focused on Latinx art. That’s where the title comes in.

ArtistaX, pronounced ar-tis-tas, is a play on words. A combination of the Spanish word for Artist (artista) and Lantinx. It represents the art of the Latinx community – our community – not just in America, but throughout the world. This site will feature just that, the art of the Latinx community, the culture, and the history that comes with it.

My name is Ashley Betances. While I was born in America, my mother brought me to Dominican Republic as a baby. There, I experienced four years of my life, having Spanish be my first language. At age four and a half, we – my mother, my three sisters, and my grandmother – moved to New Jersey, where I began learning English. As people who came from a Hispanic background, my sisters and I were made fun of because we did not know how to speak English. As I kept growing, I noticed inconsistencies.

I noticed that people of Latinx origins were made fun of for not speaking English properly. I noticed that some got into trouble because their lives at home weren’t good. I also noticed that my education in a public school was not equal to the education at a public school in the nearby towns.

Then, as I grew older and wiser, I realized that those who came from Latinx backgrounds were not always wanted in this country. That if you were a minority, things would be much harder to reach than the dominant population. This is why I decided to create ArtistaX. Because I see minorities being represented by their people, but I do not see the Latinx community represented as much. I want to represent my community as an artist and as a person.

I hope that you enjoy this site as much as I will and continue to check back for more updates on artists and culture!

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