The Brief History of Dominican Republic

File:Flag of the Dominican Republic (ratio 5 to 8).svg - Wikimedia ...
The Dominican Flag

Hispaniola is a land mass that is shared by Dominican Republic and Haiti. The land was first inhabited by the Carib and the Taino (Dominican Republic, In 1492, Christopher Columbus settled in Hispaniola and took over the land. In a deal with Spain and France, the Haitian side was given to France and the Dominican side was given to Spain. Over many years, the land of Dominican Republic was given and taken independence and many revolts occurred.

In 1930, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo takes the seat as dictator of Dominican Republic. Later, in 1961, Trujillo is assassinated, letting democracy come back to the country (Dominican Republic Profile – Timeline, The country now celebrates its independence day on February 27th.

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Timeline of Dominican Republic:

In-depth Information:

Dominican Republic’s Independence:


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