The Carnival in Dominican Republic

Carnaval Dominicano Diablo Cojuelo | Carnaval Dominicano Dia… | Flickr
Carnaval Dominicano Diablo Cojuelo | By Comparsa Revelacion Carnavalesca De Villa Juana

Colors, dancing, and whips – this is how the Dominican Republic celebrates their Carnival. Carnival is celebrated in many countries, each with their own history and rituals. The Dominican Carnival is celebrated in the month of February, where festivities continue for the entirety of the month, closing off with the Dominican Independence Day on February 27th.

The Dominican Carnival comes from colonial times where the Christians would let the slaves loose to enjoy their festivities. It wasn’t until later, during more recent times, that people started dressing in vibrant costumes. One such costume people dress in is called the Diablo Cojuelo or “Limping Devil”. These devils go about hitting people, and each other, with whips and balloons. During this time, the streets are decorated and people play Bachata and Merengue.

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