The Fellowship

The Diversity In Arts Leadership (DIAL) program is hosted by Americans for The Arts. This was originally going to be an internship, but due to Covid-19, the internship was turned into a fellowship. The internship’s and fellowship’s goals are to match undergraduate students with arts organizations and mentors in the Fellow’s state in order to spread the awareness and education of the Arts Administration field. The fellowship is based on the curriculum of Metro Arts: Nashville’s Racial Equity in Arts Leadership (REAL) program, where Fellows are taught about equity and the basics of Arts Administration through a fair lens.

This project is due at the end of the fellowship and represents what we are learning throughout the program. This project’s (ArtistaX’s) mission is to represent the arts. To teach and introduce to not only fellow artists, but the general population, Latinx art and culture.

Ashley Betances

Born in the Bronx, US, Ashley is an aspiring artist. When she was born, her mother took her to Dominican Republic, where she learned how to speak Spanish. By age six, she began drawing characters from her imagination.

In elementary school, her art teacher gave her special focus and assignments as she was certain Ashley would become an artist. In middle school, Ashley shifted her focus from the visual arts to music, playing the flute and the recorder. Once in high school, Ashley came back to the visual arts and was given lessons by her high school art teacher. In community college, she double majored in Entertainment Technology and Music and is now going to go to Drew University to study Studio Art and Arts Administration.

Currently, Ashley is a fellow at the Diversity In Arts Leadership (DIAL) program and is working on a project called ArtistaX. Welcome to her project!